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The ULPGC is an Open University

The major development of new information and communication technology at the ULPGC has facilitated the driving forward of on-line help and support tools for the whole university community: Open-ULPGC


Three Doctorate Programmes again distinguished with the Mention of Excellence

Aquaculture, Animal Health and Food Security, and Telecommunication Technology have once again been distinguished by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science with the Mention of Excellence


22 reasons to study in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

The ULPGC has linked up with the City Council to promote the 22ºC Campus Project, which aims to disseminate Las Palmas de Gran Canaria as an ideal destination, not just for holidays throughout the year, but also to study a degree


The Canary Island Universities, awarded the Regional Government’s Gold Medal

Reward for the efforts of all concerned in drawing up the project recognised as a Campus of International Excellence


Official Academic Inauguration of the Confucius Centre

Located in the La Granja Building, it is dedicated to disseminating Chinese language and culture


ULPGC e-administration up and running

This measure aims to facilitate user access to the services offered, making the whole process easier and enhancing service quality


The ULPGC makes contact with the astronauts in the International Space Station


The Excellence Awards Ceremony for ULPGC students


Access to the university grows in the ULPGC by 13.03%, above the national average for Spain


The Excellence of the Tri-continental Atlantic Campus of the Universities of the Canary Islands recognised
The project led by the universities of the Canary Islands awarded the maximum funding of 5.3 million euros


The ULPGC hosts the III International Encounter of Universities with Africa
Presidents of African Universities request a continuity plan for the advance preparation of international encounters.


The ULPGC welcomes some 600 exchange students each semester
ULPGC students are awarded 68 of the 100 grants awarded to the most brilliant students in the Canary Islands


The ULPGC will be the headquarters of the II European Meeting of University Information and Orientation Services
The meeting will be attended by representatives of Spanish, Portuguese and Italian universities


Satisfactory conclusion of the positive assessment of the Quality Assurance Systems of all ULPGC Centres
The objective is to guarantee teaching quality in teaching centres


The President of the ULPGC inaugurates the reforms carried out in the Sports Facilities of the Tafira Campus
Recognition was given to a student who won the “Best individual university sportswoman 2009


Degree courses for the 2009-2010 academic year
Forty-eight official degree courses of different lengths, 5 new degrees adapted to the EHEA, one ULPGC-specific degree, 8 doctorate courses, 9 masters and 47 ULPGC-specific postgraduate degrees available


The ULPGC intensifies its relations with Asia
The President and the Vice-President of International and Institutional Relations of the ULPGC have visited China and Korea to open up new perspectives for student and teacher exchanges with Asia.


Prize-Giving ceremony for university sportsmen and women
Sports Day on the Tafira University Campus


Official opening ceremony of the 2009-2010 academic year
José Regidor emphasises the adaptation to the EHEA and the transfer of research findings


More than 600 exchange students have chosen our university
An information guide about the University and the city has been brought out for the second year running


A ULPGC graduate will represent Spain in the ‘two million Erasmus’
The ULPGC graduate presented a dissertation on Formula 1 engines, written during his exchange visits to Madrid and Budapest


A wide range of study courses for the 2009/2010 academic year
The ULPGC offers 5 undergraduate degrees, 9 official postgraduate degrees and 8 doctorate programmes adapted to the new EAHE criteria, as well as a further 48 official undergraduate degrees.

The Faculty of Veterinary Science receives European Approval
Only about 50% of Veterinary Science Faculties in Europe have received this positive assessment


You can now request a place in the university residences
Students can request a place in the University Residence on the Tafira Campus, which has 252 individual room with en-suite bathroom facilities; in the Apartments on the Tafira Campus, which can lodge 154 students, or in the Las Palmas University Residence for 58 people (26 double rooms and 6 individual rooms).


Exchange programmes in high demand at the ULPGC
Some 700 students choose to study here part of the university syllabus each year


First degrees adapted to the European Higher Education Area
Five adapted degrees will be available as of the next academic year (2009/2010), together with the official adapted postgraduate programmes that are already up and running


The ULPGC joins the club for excellence in management
Work is also being undertaken on the quality programmes that fulfil the norms defined in the Bologna process


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