Thursday, 25 April 2019 | 12:47
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The President of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, José Regidor García, together with the Vice-President for Culture and Sport, Isabel Pascua Febles, and the Director of Sports of the ULPGC, Manuel Navarro Valdivielso, have inaugurated the reformed Sports Facilities of the Tafira Campus.

The ULPGC has spent a total of over 1,500,000 euros on these reforms: the changing rooms and the water heater; the installation of artificial turf on the football pitch and an irrigation system; the remodelling of a dividing wall-curtain and access for the disabled in the Sports Hall; the fencing in the fencing in of the sports grounds, and the elimination of access barriers for the disabled.

Firstly, the President visited the indoor installations (Sports Hall) to visit the remodelled dividing wall-curtain and the lift that provides disabled access, and greeted the participants in the President’s Basketball Trophy, which will be held in the Sports Hall. Subsequently, in the open-air sports facilities, the new changing rooms were inaugurated, and then the authorities visited the new artificial turf on the football pitch and the new spray irrigation system was activated for the first time. The President of the ULPGC said a few words and then kicked off the President’s Trophy of masculine and feminine 7-a-side football.

The Vice-President of Culture and Sports expressed her satisfaction at inaugurating the artificial football pitch, the Sports Services’ Changing Rooms and the reforms carried out in the Sports Halls of our University.

”All these top-priority building Works, and those that are underway”, commented the representative of the Vice-President’s Office for Culture and Sports, “contribute to the ULPGC’s ethos of considering physical activity as a platform for harmonious relations and integral education, together with cultural activities.”

The representative went on to state that “we would like to congratulate all those participants in the President’s Trophy in particular, with over 90 participating teams and to Patricia Díaz Perea, the student from the Faculty of Physical Activities and Sports Sciences, a triathlete, for her prize as the “Best individual university sportswomen 2009”, awarded by the Women’s Institute and the Spanish Higher Sports Committee. (Consejo Superior de Deporte)".

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