Saturday, 23 June 2018 | 12:35
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The use of new information and communication technology is no novelty for the ULPGC. In fact, it was one of the first Spanish universities to introduce on-line education in the form of its e-learning degree courses, in 2001. Over ten years later, the success of this type of teaching has shown that distance and blended learning are not the future of education, but its present, at least at the ULPGC.

Together with this initiative, the ULPGC has continued to show that how essential a firm commitment to new technology as a way of supporting administrative and teaching work and making it easier really is, above all in universities like the ULPGC, which are geographically fragmented, with degree courses and faculties located not onlyon different islands but also abroad.

During the first stage, the ULPGC has invested heavily in equipment and adapting laboratories and classrooms in terms of ICT installations and facilities. Thus, since 2008, the ULPGC has invested 1.8 million euros in adapting teaching labs and 120,000 euros in audiovisual material.

During the second stage, the ULPGC has committed to improving training for the use of a new tool for lecturers: digital whiteboards, which have replaced traditional black- or whiteboards, and enable lecturers to give their classes and explanations online.

Moreover, most of the ULPGC’s day-to-day administration, students’ University application and registration for its courses and activities are now carried out online.



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