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The Mention of Excellence is the recognition of  scientific, technical and training solvency awarded by the Spanish Ministry of Education and Science. As such, it aims to distinguish those Doctorate Programmes of Spanish Universities with the greatest potential and relevance on an international level, among other capacities analysed.
Three of the ULPGC’s Doctorate Programmes are listed as excellent, thus rising above the Mention of Quality that they had obtained some years ago. The call for proposals of the Spanish Ministry of Education and Sciencestipulates that the Mentions of Excellence awarded to these three ULPGC Doctorate Programmes will remain in force until the 2013-2014 academic year.

Doctorate in Aquaculture

The ‘Aquaculture: Controlled Animal Production’ Doctorate Programme run and taught by the Aquaculture Research Group at the ULPGC started nearly 20 years ago together with other marine science programmes, although as of 1998, it has focused exclusively on aquaculture. It received its first Mention of Quality back in 2004, mainly because of its international focus, as the training it provides is carried out in close connection with research centres from different parts of the world.
This Programme’s objectives concentrate on training researchers in specific aquaculture know-how and in the development of the capacity to transmit specialized knowledge. Doctoral students on this Programme carry out experiments and pose hypotheses on different specialized fields of aquaculture: reproduction, nutrition, cultivation of larvae, fattening, genetics, etc.


Doctorate in Animal Health and Food Security

The Doctorate Programme in Animal Health and Food Security is, just like the Aquaculture Programme, housed in the University Institute for Animal Health and Food Security (IUSA). This Institute focusses much of its research in two areas: on the one hand, the health of pets and wild animals and animal production in aquaculture, goat and pig farming. Another basic pillar of the research of IUSA is Food Security and Food Technology.
The Programme in Animal Health received the Mention of Quality in the first call for proposals; now, this recognition has been elevated to the Mention of Excellence.


Doctorate in Telecommunication Technology

The ULPGC’s Doctorate Programme in Telecommunication Technology is based on the research lines of the University Institute of Applied Microelectronics (IUMA) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. It is based on the study of Information and Communication Systems, including the design and manufacture of chips and microsystems, and the integration of system software and applications software.
This Doctorate offers students the chance to create hardware and software, as well as integrating it and getting it to work in devices, integrated circuits, equipment, systems, networks and services This capacity has concentrated on applications related to radiofrequencies, processed in baseband, the coding of multimedia contents, nanoelectronics and microelectromechanical systems, systems for fixed, mobile and dissemination telecommunications networks, network protocols and applications for networks in mobility, all of which are key technologies in Telecommunications.

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