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The purpose of the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE, in its Spanish acronym) awarded by the Cervantes Institute on behalf of the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport, is to accredit officially the level of Spanish of people for whom Spanish is not their mother tongue, as per the guidelines of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).


Every May and November, the ULPGC, as a centre accredited by the Cervantes Institute, holds DELE exams. Both exam sessions are coordinated by the Department of Spanish, Classics and Arab Philology of the ULPGC.



“For the ULPGC, the organization of exams enabling students to obtain the DELE allows us to offer incoming ULPGC Erasmus students and foreign residents living in the Canary Islands the chance to obtain official accreditation of their level of Spanish that is recognized across Europe and can help them improve their working prospects”, said the Vice-President for Communication, Quality and Institutional Coordination, Trinidad Arcos Pereira.



Moreover, the DELE complements the courses and services offered by the ULPGC in agreements with international universities and institutions for which the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language is one of the key elements.


To obtain the DELE, the ULPGC first offers Erasmus students for whom Spanish is included in their Exchange programme the chance to register in the elective subject of Spanish as a Foreign Language, offered by the Department of Spanish, Classics and Arab Philology. This is one of the ways in which students can prepare for the DELE exams.


A further option offered by the ULPGC to prepare for the accreditation exams is to register for one of the Spanish for Foreigners courses organized by the ULPGC’s Language Centre (Aula de Idiomas), which comes under the academic auspices of the Vice-Presidency for Culture, Sport and Integral Attention.


The Diploma is valid indefinitely and makes it easier for foreigners to obtain visas to study in Spain. It is normally a requisite for those seeking grants, prizes or scholarships from higher education institutions or international cooperation agencies. It also accredits the holder’s level of Spanish for registering to study in Spain.


Further information on the Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language at www.ulpgc.es/dele.


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