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Development Cooperation is carried out and planned by the ULPGC within the framework of the following programmes:Cooperación


  • International Volunteers
  • Training and awareness-raising in development issues
  • Institutional Cooperation
  • Development Cooperation Projects

Long-stay volunteer activities: This modality promotes and supports the participation of volunteers for a minimum duration of 6 months in the field.
Dissertations in degree courses: The main objective of this programme is to lend financial support to final dissertations in International Development Cooperation.

United Nations Volunteer programme: This Programme has two primary goals:

1. To promote volunteer involvement for development initiatives.

2. To work with the UN Volunteers programme and a coalition of organizations to support projects and initiatives that involve volunteers in order to improve the capacity of individuals and institutions in developing countries.

Training and awareness-raising in development issues

The University aims to increase awareness among the university community in particular and Canary society in general as to the problems of poor countries, while training people to work towards eradicating poverty and ensuring sustainable development in these countries. To this end, the UPGC organises debates in its various forums, taking advantage of the skills its departments have to offer.
In this field, we would highlight the University Programme for Social Training and Awareness-raising 2008-09, which is carrying out the following activities based on the initiative of a number of Faculties, and with the participation of public bodies and other organizations: 

- With the Islands Council of Gran Canaria, as part of the Gran Canaria Solidarity 2008, a number of different actions have been carried out, including working sessions, talks, round tables, etc., culminating in the Solidarity Encounter in the San Telmo park, which will include workshops, conferences, etc.

- With the City Council of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the university participated in the II University Week for the Eradication of Poverty, organising a number of different conferences and a Solidarity Race.

- With the Canary Islands Government, the ULPGC has contributed to the Framework Plan on the Canary Islands’ Cooperation in Africa

- Through the ULPGC’s General Library, and with the collaboration of the university community, a donation campaign was carried out in favour of the University of Cape Verde

- The II Human Rights Forum was organised by Constitutional Law experts from the ULPGC

The success of activities carried out thus far in this field can clearly be seen by the celebration of the First Edition of the Master in Development Cooperation [2006-2008]”, the first recognised qualification of this nature in the Canary Islands.

Following the success of this first edition, a second edition of this Master has been organised for the 2008-2010 biennium.

Institutional Cooperation

The Development and strengthening of Higher Education Institutions plays a key role in guaranteeing a reliable and sustainable growth based on the transfer of know-how and innovation.

The CUCID aims to harness the capacities of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria to promote institutional reinforcement of higher education institutions and research potential in developing countries.

An example of this activity can clearly be seen in the ULPGC’s work in the training programs for doctorate students in countries both of origin and destination, guidance on the implementation of university degrees in programmes to encourage innovation, or student and lecturer exchanges.

Development Cooperation Projects

The ULPGC promotes the participation of Experts from the one hundred plus research groups of the University in development cooperation projects, particularly in countries located in the southern hemisphere.

The ULPGC's potential as an agent for University Development Cooperation is considerable, drawing on its significant experience in designing and implementing projects in Africa and South America, in areas such as Education, Ecotourism, Economics, Business Science, Marine Technologies, Aquiculture, Rural Development, Veterinary Medicine, Health, Environment, IT, as well as the actions which have been carried out through its four UNESCO Chairs in this field.
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