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The General Library and the central library services are located in the Central Building of the University Library on the Tafira campus. This building has a surface area of 6000 m² distributed over 6 floors, 4 of which are open to the public. The Central Building of the University Library currently also houses the resources of the libraries of Economic Sciences and Business Studies, as well as those of Legal Sciences. The central services of the General Library are complemented by the other libraries located in the following centres: 
  • Architecture Library
  • Basic Sciences Library
  • Health Sciences Library
  • Economic Sciences and Business Studies Library
  • Legal Sciences Library
  • Physical Education Library
  • Electronics and Telecommunications Library
  • Nursing Library (Lanzarote)
  • Teacher Training Library
  • Humanities Library
  • Computer Science and Mathematics Library
  • Engineering Library
  • E-learning library
  • Veterinary Science Library 
The smartcard that is given to you as a student of the ULPGC enables you to access all the services offered by the University Library. However, postgraduate students, students of ULPGC degree courses and those taking special training courses who do not hold the smartcard, may request a reader’s card by filling in the following electronic form.
University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. ULPGC
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- Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - 35001 - Spain
(+34) 928 451 000/023
- Fax:
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